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Keltie’s top platform interests include supporting our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, Education, Healthcare, Veterans and Immigration. Keltie believes in a “Common Sense” America!

Keltie is a progressive moderate who has aligned with the Unity Party as they believe in uniting the major parties to get good things done. She does not consider herself Democratic nor Republican but believing there is common ground to build upon. She listens to all sides and demands inclusivity.

“Communication, negotiation, and common sense are the keys to taking on the many issues our country is dealing with today”, cites Keltie.

Rebecca Keltie is the candidate we’ve been waiting for.

Veterans Healthcare

*There are huge discrepancies within the Tricare program that must be addressed. Long wait times to be seen, payments to doctors not getting made in a timely manner causing doctors to refuse to accept the current Humana program, patients getting the runaround and etc. It's a disgrace how our prior service members are being treated and this must be fixed first and foremost. 

Unity Committee to Elect Rebecca Keltie
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